Post-Election Energy in Audubon County

Thank you to the Audubon Dems who joined us for our quarterly meeting last night. There’s energy in Audubon County!
Key messages:
1. HUGE thanks to Peggy Smalley, who is stepping down as County Party Chair after many years of leadership and service. Brigham Hoegh will now serve as County Chair, and Shelby Young will serve as Co-Chair.
2. Thank you to all candidates who ran in 2018 in Audubon County, including JD Scholten, Peter Leo, and Dwight Jessen. Congratulations to Miranda Bills (County Recorder) and Deb Campbell (County Treasurer) on their re-elections.
3. Thank you to everyone who got involved with the 2018 elections. Many Audubon County Democrats knocked doors, wrote post cards, made phone calls, and put up yard signs. Special thanks to Barbara M. Leach, Kathy Manatt, and Michele Manatt for coming to Audubon County. This is participation in democracy to be proud of!
4. We will look to rotate quarterly meeting locations throughout the county. Follow this site for quarterly meeting information or email to be added to the Audubon Dems email list.
Happy Holidays!

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