Mark Your Calendars!

Audubon County Democrats Quarterly Meeting and Odd-Year Caucus: February 21, 2019 5-6:30 PM

Where: Exira Recreational Center 106 Jefferson St, Exira, Iowa 50076

What: Chance to catch up with fellow Democrats, hear party updates, and plan future events for Audubon County Dems. We will also get a chance to catch up with and thank JD (Scholten4Iowa) for running for Congress this year.

Audubon Dems 2019 2nd Quarter Meeting:  March 21, 2019 6-7 PM

Where: Exira Public Library (114 W Washington St, Exira, Iowa 50076)

What: Quarterly meeting with fellow Democrats. Hear party updates and plan events for Audubon County. This meeting will also include election of county party officers for the next two years.

A note about our events:

All Democrats or people interested in learning more about Democrats welcome! Neighboring county Democrats are particularly welcome, as we work to build a network of Democrats in Western Iowa.

Questions about events? Please contact County Party Chair Brigham Hoegh at or 712-249-5870.

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