2018 Democratic Primary – Tuesday, June 5th 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM in all districts

Why is this primary important? In this primary we are selecting a gubernatorial candidate and a 4th congressional district candidate.

See this Iowa Democrats page for voting information

Secretary of State 2018 Primary information.

Click here to find your polling place. 

Here’s a list of candidates on the ballot across the state.

You can vote now! You can vote early in person at your county’s auditor’s office (318 Leroy Street #4, Audubon, IA 50025) during regular business hours starting on May 7 and on the Saturday before the primary (June 2).

Note this law change: Beginning January 1, 2018 voters will be asked to show their ID before voting at the polls. Anyone who does not have the necessary ID will be asked to sign an oath* verifying their identity, and will be allowed to cast a regular ballot.



Fourth District Calendar

Iowa Democratic Party Calendar