Julian Castro Visits Exira on First Trip to Iowa as a Presidential Candidate


Left: Chair Brigham Hoegh and Vice Chair Shelby Young caught Julian for a photo.

Right: Julian speaking in Exira.

February 21, 2019 – On his first trip to Iowa as a Presidential Candidate, Julian Castro visited the Audubon Democrats in Exira. In attendance were Audubon County Democrats, Cass County Democrats, and a number of journalists from papers including the LA Times, the Des Moines Register, and The Dallas Morning News–highlighting the attention Julian is receiving.

Julian shared his vision for his presidency highlighting goals of making the US:

  • Best Educated:
    • Including universal pre-K, which he has experience implementing as Mayor of San Antonio.
  • Healthiest:
    • Medicare for All
  • Fairest:
    • Justice system reform
    • Raise the minimum wage
    • Immigration reform: noting we don’t have to choose between secure borders and humane treatment of people.

Julian also said he would recommit the US to the Paris Climate Agreement, noting it’s a false choice to choose between the environment and jobs. Lastly, Julian noted he’s not taking any PAC money or any federal lobbyist money.

In time for questions, Julian was asked a number of questions including: How would you work across the aisle? To which he answered: 1) change the tone, 2) encourage Congress to be more transparent, and 3) encourage updating redistricting to be fairer.

Legislative Briefing Coffees Scheduled in Audubon

Legislative Briefings for Representative Brian Best and Senator Mark Segebart have been scheduled by the Audubon Chamber of Commerce. 
The briefings are scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd (10-11 AM) and Saturday, March 2nd (10-11 AM). Both meetings will be held at the Memorial Building in Audubon. Please check the chamber’s website (check the calendar) for the most up-to-date information on these meetings as schedules can change and weather can get in the way of plans

Welcome 2020 Democrats!

We’re excited to see folks throwing their hats in the ring for 2020 elections! Please know Democratic candidates are welcome at our Audubon County events, and we are happy to help schedule and host candidate meet-and-greets. Please reach out to Brigham and Shelby at brighamhoegh@gmail.com and shelbyyoung81@gmail.com to set up a visit.

We hope to see all candidates in Audubon County!

Mark Your Calendars!

Audubon County Democrats Quarterly Meeting and Odd-Year Caucus: February 21, 2019 5-6:30 PM

Where: Exira Recreational Center 106 Jefferson St, Exira, Iowa 50076

What: Chance to catch up with fellow Democrats, hear party updates, and plan future events for Audubon County Dems. We will also get a chance to catch up with and thank JD (Scholten4Iowa) for running for Congress this year.

Audubon Dems 2019 2nd Quarter Meeting:  March 21, 2019 6-7 PM

Where: Exira Public Library (114 W Washington St, Exira, Iowa 50076)

What: Quarterly meeting with fellow Democrats. Hear party updates and plan events for Audubon County. This meeting will also include election of county party officers for the next two years.

A note about our events:

All Democrats or people interested in learning more about Democrats welcome! Neighboring county Democrats are particularly welcome, as we work to build a network of Democrats in Western Iowa.

Questions about events? Please contact County Party Chair Brigham Hoegh at brighamhoegh@gmail.com or 712-249-5870.

Post-Election Energy in Audubon County

Thank you to the Audubon Dems who joined us for our quarterly meeting last night. There’s energy in Audubon County!
Key messages:
1. HUGE thanks to Peggy Smalley, who is stepping down as County Party Chair after many years of leadership and service. Brigham Hoegh will now serve as County Chair, and Shelby Young will serve as Co-Chair.
2. Thank you to all candidates who ran in 2018 in Audubon County, including JD Scholten, Peter Leo, and Dwight Jessen. Congratulations to Miranda Bills (County Recorder) and Deb Campbell (County Treasurer) on their re-elections.
3. Thank you to everyone who got involved with the 2018 elections. Many Audubon County Democrats knocked doors, wrote post cards, made phone calls, and put up yard signs. Special thanks to Barbara M. Leach, Kathy Manatt, and Michele Manatt for coming to Audubon County. This is participation in democracy to be proud of!
4. We will look to rotate quarterly meeting locations throughout the county. Follow this site for quarterly meeting information or email brighamhoegh@gmail.com to be added to the Audubon Dems email list.
Happy Holidays!

Former Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party returns to Audubon County to Get Out The Vote October 28-31 – Join her!

Great News! Barb Leach, former Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, is returning to Iowa this election season to help Get Out The Vote in Audubon County! Barb will be here for 4 days only (Sunday Oct. 28 – Oct. 31)! 
Join Barb, and Kathy Manatt along with her daughter Michele Manatt, to knock doors, write post cards, and make phone calls for J.D. Scholten. 

Join as many of the following activities as you can squeeze out the time! Let’s get votes for all Democrats running for office in Audubon County! We must show Trump and the Republicans we are a blue wave here in Audubon County!

RSVP to Barb at barbara.leach@gmail.com or cell 202.262.6170.


Please invite friends!

  • SUN. OCT. 2– 1:30 at El Adobe Restaurant: door-knocking in Audubon
  • MON. OCT. 2
    • 10 AM-1 PM at Broadway 312 Bakery: door-knocking in Audubon
    • 1 PM – Lunch break at El Adobe Restaurant
    • 2:30 – 4:30 – door-knocking in Audubon
    • 6:15 PM – Taylor Hill Lodge (1614 Highway 71, Audubon) – postcard writing and phone-calling with Peter Leo
  • TUES. OCT. 30
    • Daytime: door knocking in Harlan (contact Barb for details) day to include lunch at Milk & Honey Restaurant and Women to Women phone-calling.
    • 6:15 PM – Taylor Hill Lodge (1614 Highway 71, Audubon) postcard writing and phone-calling with Peter Leo
  • WED. OCT. 31
    • 10 AM – Broadway 321 Bakery for Coffee, drive to Exira for door-knocking
    • 1 PM – lunch with Susan Osvald (location to be determined) – followed by more door-knocking.